Updated Phone app revealed in latest Android O apk teardown

Android O

The most recent version of Google’s still unreleased Android O at first looked like it included few new features, but a more detailed apk teardown of the update has revealed new things that could possibly make their way to the operating system.

One of the five newest and potentially useful features in the developer preview version of Android O, is the inclusion of notification channels. The stock Android Phone app has been given its own dedicated notification channel update. According to the teardown, the phone app will have notification channel involvement with its incoming, ongoing and external calls, missed calls, voicemail and miscellaneous features.

Though the notification channels seems to somehow effect all of these factors, according to Android Police, only the miscellaneous notification channel appears to be visible in the notification settings currently.

Post-call messaging is another update found in the apk teardown of the developer preview of Android O.

Within the apk there is also code entitled ‘post-call messages’ that seems to prepare a message for after a call has been made. Messages such as ‘Add message,’ ‘say why you called,’ This is urgent,’ ‘Call me back,’ ‘No urgent,’ ‘Call me later,’ and ‘Message sent,’ are included.  As the name states, post-call messaging would react after you make a call, most likely a call that doesn’t go through because the receiver is busy.

It’s unclear if a user would be sent to their default messaging app if they create a custom message, or if a text field would appear within the quick messaging screen.

Lastly, it also seems like Android O might include a feature that easily allows picture messages to be sent during a call.

Though the coding for all these features appears within a teardown of the newest update to the developer preview of Android, it’s unknown whether these features will make it to the live build of Android O.

Source: Android Police