Windows 10 S FAQ says users can’t change the OS’ default browser

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Microsoft has unveiled its new Windows 10 S operating system designed to rival Google’s lightweight Chrome OS.

Among other limitations, Windows 10 S is only capable of running apps found in the Windows store. This means that users can just download web browsers found in the Windows store, severely impacting their options. As of right now it also looks like Windows 10 S users won’t even be able to use Chrome unless Google opts to add the browser to Microsoft’s Windows Store.

Furthermore, Microsoft will not allow users to change the default browser from Microsoft Edge or Windows Explorer with Windows 10 S.

“Microsoft Edge is the default web browser on Windows 10 S,” reads Windows 10 S’ FAQ. “You are able to download another browser that might be available from the Windows Store, but Microsoft Edge will remain the default if, for example, you open an .htm file.”

Not only can users not set Chrome as the default browser, but they also can’t change the OS’ default search functionality either. When a user searches in the browser, it’s automatically sourced from Microsoft’s Bing. Users will have to go to if they want to search using Google’s platform.

Windows 10 S brings unique features to Microsoft’s standard Windows 10 operating system, but being locked to using Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer might dissuade many people from using the OS.

Source: The Verge