Surface Laptop prototype with two USB-C ports shows up in promotional Microsoft video

Surface Laptop USB-C

While Microsoft’s Surface laptop is impressive looking and sleek, it does have a few drawbacks.

Beyond the fact that the laptop runs Microsoft’s new somewhat limited education-focused version of Windows called Windows 10 S — though upgrading to Windows 10 Pro is free — the laptop also doesn’t feature any USB-C ports.

This isn’t an issue right now, but could become a problem in a few years when the relatively new port technology becomes more common. This move is also in stark contrast to Apple’s new line of USB-C MacBook Pro laptops, which only feature USB-C ports. This has resulted in an often frustrating cottage industry of hubs, ports and various adapters for Apple’s laptops.

In a promotional video showing off the laptop’s ‘craftmanship,’ The Verge spotted what looks like a prototype Surface Laptop that includes two USB-C ports in the location where the current Surface Laptop’s power connector is.

In an interview with MobileSyrup’s Rose Behar, Ralf Groene, Microsoft’s head of industrial design said that his company believes that “the USB connector is a connector in transition.”

“If you take a snapshot of now and the next four years, people have a ton of stuff that they’ve bought and want to hold onto, that is USB-A,” said Groen.

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Source: The Verge