Motorola could be working on an Android tablet with a dedicated ‘productivity mode’


According to Android Police, Motorola is working on a new tablet device that, should the company decide to actually send it out into the world, may prove to be a significant step forward for the form factor.

The website’s David Ruddock reports that the Chicago-based company is working on a premium tablet that measures between nine and ten inches diagonally. Ruddock says he was able to find out little else about the device itself  — he doesn’t know, for instance, what kind of processor it will include.

However, thanks to a “trusted” source, the website was able to obtain a screenshot that hints at some interesting new multi-tasking functionality Motorola is building on top of Android.

Motorola Productivity Mode

The screenshot, seen above, showcases a feature layered on top of Android called “Producivity Mode.” As the screenshot itself explains, Productivity Mode allows users to pin apps to Android’s nav bar, which in turn allows them to quickly switch between apps without having to go back to the home screen or interact with Android’s multitasking interface. Long pressing an icon and dragging it up closes the app.

Additionally, the screenshot shows that Motorola has added a shortcut to Android’s app drawer directly on the nav bar.

Taken together, these two feature additions would do a lot to help make an Android tablet useful and useable. Of course, at this stage, we have no idea whether Motorola will actually release a new tablet device. However, should Motorola release this tablet sometime this year, it will be its first tablet in five years.

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