Tap into your inner Rube Goldberg with Zip-Zap [Game of the Week]


I downloaded Zip-Zap on my iPhone 7 Plus this week on a whim.

I was struggling to come up with a Game of the Week and tried out a few titles, including Evergrow and Full of Stars, but still hadn’t come across a title that was worthy of MobileSyrup’s coveted gaming prize (Full of Stars might make the list in a few weeks).


While I haven’t spent a significant amount of time playing Zip-Zap, the game’s first couple dozen stages — there are over 100 in the game — involve utilizing various hinges and levers to achieve the level’s goal.

Some stages task the player with moving a brightly coloured piece of the environment to a specific location, while others have players carefully timing taps to bounce a ball around with an emphasis on physics. In some cases this means inching along a hole filled bracket-like object by repeatedly tapping the screen, expanding and retracting it. In others, Zip-Zap becomes a game of timing, where the player mustnail a sequence of taps to accomplish a specific goal.

zip zap

What I’ve enjoyed the most about Zip-Zap so far is that while some of its stages are difficult, it’s still possible to get through them in a few minutes. Mobile is a platform rife with puzzle titles, but I often find that some developers make their games too difficult.

Zip-Zap, at least so far, feels pretty accessible and I find it very relaxing for a puzzle game, and that’s why it’s my Game of the Week.

Zip-Zap is Apple’s free app of the week in the iOS App Store. The game is also available in the Google Play store for $2.39 CAD.