Top Canadian mobile stories from the past week


Every week we bring you the latest in Canadian mobile news. Listed below is a quick overview of the top stories from the past seven days.

  • CIBC considers exclusive Apple product monthly subscription program for clients [Read here]
  • Moto G5 Review: A $250 smartphone with everything you need [Read here]
  • Koodo is considering a ‘Roam Like Home’ roaming pack [Read here]
  • Telus Samsung Galaxy S6 customers are getting their Nougat update on May 8 [Read here]
  • Third top executive in three months departs Rogers amid new CEO [Read here]
  • eSIMs promise Canadians cheaper data plans, greater carrier mobility [Read here]
  • Nearly 53 percent of Canadians listen to music through their smartphones [Read here]
  • ‘Free TV’ Android TV boxes are used in 7 percent of Canadian homes, says study [Read here]
  • Apple Q2 2017 Earnings: Modest growth but iPhone sales fall flat [Read here]
  • Canadian telecom industry is healthy and growing, as long as government help continues [Read here]
  • Telus VoLTE calling now available in (most of) Ontario [Read here]
  • CIBC removes mobile payment app from the Google Play Store [Read here]
  • Microsoft Surface Laptop Hands-on: Masterful take on a classic form [Read here]