Poll: Is cloud storage enough to compensate for less onboard storage

cloud storage

It’s an age old question; should there be more internal storage, or should we as consumers be okay with smaller physical storage in exchange for vast amounts of cloud storage.

Okay, maybe this isn’t an age old question. It’s just something that has been occurring more frequently in the smartphone industry for the past few years.

Increasing numbers of manufactures are opting for 64GB and 128GB internal storage options. Some give you the ability to upgrade through micro SD cards, while others don’t. One thing that is common though, is that most smartphone manufactures now offer some sort of cloud-based storage integrated within their operating system. Whether it’s Apple with iCloud, Android-based phones with Google Drive, or Samsung ditching Google Drive in favour of Dropbox.

In this week’s poll I ask, is cloud-based storage enough to compensate for manufactures adding fewer internal storage gigabytes to smartphones?