Ubisoft brings Hungry Shark VR to Google’s Daydream

While Google’s Daydream is arguably the top low-cost virtual reality platform on the market, there haven’t been many major releases for the device lately.

Hungry Shark VR

Now, however, Ubisoft has dropped a new game for Daydream called Hungry Shark VR, a 3D version of classic Android game Hungry Shark. Similar to the other entries in the series, players take on the role of a shark and roam a large underwater environment full of caves, shipwrecks and other objects.

The game features specific objectives, including eating as much as you can, racing against time and helping out other sharks that are in danger.

Hungry Shark VR screenshot

For those interested in becoming a giant aquatic human eating mammal, Hungry Shark VR is priced at $6.99 CAD.