Microsoft’s Story Remix wants to help Windows 10 users easily create videos

Microsoft Build

On the second day of Build 2017, Microsoft announced Story Remix, a new Universal Windows 10 app that uses the power of the company’s cloud infrastructure to help users create videos.

Pulling photo and video material from multiple sources — Microsoft wasn’t explicit on this point, but it sounds like the company will release Story Remix on Android and iOS, in addition to on Windows — Story Remix automatically creates a shareable video with the press of its titular ‘Remix’ button. If users aren’t happy with the result, they can hit the remix button several times to see all the different videos the company’s Microsoft Graph technology churns out. Of course, for users that would rather take matters into their own hands, there are a variety of manual controls.

Windows Story Remix

Users can also collaborate on a video, pooling photos and videos from multiple sources. The app is also fully integrated into the company’s Remix 3D community hub, allowing Story Remix users to add 3D objects and backgrounds to their creations. Lastly, users who own a Windows Ink-capable device will be able to draw on top of their videos.

If all of this sounds familiar, it’s because Story Remix is a fresh take on an old idea. Specifically, past versions of Microsoft’s operating system have shipped with Windows Movie Maker, which essentially allowed users to do the exact same thing: create fun family videos without too much video editing knowledge.

After Windows 7, however, Microsoft abandoned the app. We’ve also seen Apple launch a similar offering with Clips. That said, Story Remix appears to be significantly more capable than both its predecessor and Apple’s mobile-only offering. Story Remix is set to arrive alongside Windows 10’s Fall Creators Update.