Telus customers can now charge Windows 10 purchases to their bill through Boku

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Telus customers can now charge Windows 10 purchases across PCs, tablets and Xbox gaming consoles to their bill through a new Boku integration.

For those unfamiliar, Boku is an independent company that partners with wireless carriers to let customers use their mobile account as the preferred payment method for digital marketplaces like the Google Play Store, Sony PlayStation Store, Microsoft Windows Store, Facebook App Center, and Spotify.

It’s supported by the majority of Canada’s major mobile operators, including the Big Three — Bell, Rogers and Telus.

With this new integration, Telus has taken the lead on expanding Microsoft carrier billing to Canada. The move brings the new payment method for Windows 10 users to Telus’ over 8.5 million subscribers and marks the tenth global market in which Boku has launched carrier billing services to Microsoft customers.

Source: Boku