Google announces modifications to advertising policy

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Google is working to more accurately deal with advertising policy violations.

The company has announced plans to rework its advertising policy, in order to make the process more transparent for publishers.

As the system currently stands, Google typically removes all of the ads from a website found in violation of policy. As of May 15th, 2017, however, Google will only remove the ads from the specific pages that violate policy.

Scott Spencer, director of sustainable ads at Google, explained in a media release that the company will still terminate publishers, “such as in the case of egregious or persistent violations.”

Google also announced the creation of a Policy Center that will provide publishers with more detailed information about ad policy.

“We have been piloting this Policy Center with thousands of AdSense publishers, who have been very positive about these changes — and provided great feedback and suggestions on how to make the Policy Center more useful,” said Spencer, in the same release.

The Policy Center will facilitate two-way communication between publishers and Google, to more easily and quickly resolve policy conflicts or violations.

Google AdSense was launched in 2002. In 2016, Google paid more than $11 billion USD to its publishing partners through the AdSense program.

Source: Google