Limited edition Pirates of the Caribbean Galaxy S8 case appears online


With the latest Pirates of the Carribean film, Dead Men Tell No Tales, set to arrive in North American theaters later this month, Samsung will reportedly release a special Galaxy S8 case to commemorate Johnny Deep’s latest swashbuckling adventure.

Galaxy S8 Pirates of the Caribbean case

Images of the case appeared on Chinese social media website Weibo earlier today (Dead Men Tell No Tales opened in Shanghai this past Thursday). The accessory looks exactly as garish as one would expect, and, like the Iron Man Galaxy S6 edge Samsung shipped in 2015, it comes with a special user interface that’s activated through NFC once the user puts the case on their device.

The case is expected to arrive in China sometime next month. No word yet on if Samsung will release the accessory in markets outside of China, though given the popularity of Pirates of the Caribbean, it’s likely the case will come to other parts of the world.