Uber launches Canada’s first ride-sharing transit partnership in Innisfil, Ontario

ride-sharing transit partnership

Uber is launching Canada’s first ride-sharing transit partnership in Innisfil, Ontario, the company announced in a press release.

The town, which is south of Barrie and has a population of roughly 36,000 people, made the decision following complaints of a lack of transit.

With the new service, citizens can hail a ride at anytime to go anywhere. Certain landmarks, such as the Barrie South Go train station and Innisfil Recreational Complex and Town Hall area, will have set rates of $3 CAD to $5. Rates will vary for other destinations.

Innisfil Uber Payments

Uber drivers will also make their full fare. Barrie Taxi will take part as well by providing Innisifil with wheelchair-accessible vehicles.

Innisfil mayor Gore Wauchope told the CBC News that the initiative will cost $175,000 for the six-month pilot project and will implement local taxi companies for accessible rides.

Had the city gone with a more traditional public transit system, he says, it would have cost approximately $1 million, with funds going towards purchasing two buses, hiring drivers and placing bus stops throughout the town. “To me, it’s a savings, and everybody in the community can use it,” he said. “If we went with buses, only a certain amount of people can use it,” said Wauchop in a statement.

It’s not yet clear what the town will do for transportation once the half-year project has ended.

Image credit: Flickr – Mark Warner

Source: CBC News