Apple launches workshops and creative spaces at stores around the world

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Forget about the next iPhone or MacBook — soon you’ll be able to go to your local Apple stores to learn how to code, take photos, shoot video, create music, and more.

In hands-on sessions dubbed ‘Today at Apple,’ customers around the world will be able to attend workshops led by “highly trained” team members as well as “world-class artists, photographers, and musicians.”

According to an Apple media release, workshops emphasize lessons centred around Apple products and “features of Apple products customers love most, across all skill levels and ages.”

“For example, an iPhone user interested in photographer can start with six How To sessions that cover shooting, organizing, editing, and more,” reads the release.

Once the iPhone photographer is comfortable with their fundamental skills, they can embark on experiential “Photo Walks” with local photographers to learn more about “light and shadow, portraits and storytelling.”

“Going further, a Photo Lab features accomplished photographers on topics such as capturing candids, building a brand on social media or simply sharing their perspective,” explains the release.

Apple is also introducing a new kind of ‘Genius’: Creative Pros.

“Many sessions will be taught by new Creative Pros, the liberal arts equivalent to Apple’s technical Geniuses,” says the release.

Apple says that Creative Pros are experts in “one or more” areas of the arts.

Continuing the collegiate theme, Creative Pros will also host 90-minute-long ‘Studio Hours’ — “Apple’s version of a professor’s office hours.”

Customers will be able to bring their portfolios to Studio Hours to get advice on how to improve their work, as well as an opportunity to utilize the space to work on their projects.

Interested customers can visit the Today at Apple website to learn more about events taking place in their communities.

The first workshops will begin on May 17th, 2017, and Apple will be celebrating the first Today at Apple weekend by hosting a photo walk and kids hour.

Source: Apple