Here’s everything we know about the HTC U11’s ‘Edge Sense’ feature so far

Edge Sense function

HTC unveiled its newest smartphone, the HTC U11, late last night.

HTC’s newest flagship features a touch-sensitive frame that allows information to be input to the device just by squeezing it. The U11 features eight micro-sensors embedded into the sides of the smartphone that are always on. This means the smartphone can be squeezed even when the U11 is in sleep mode.

With Edge Sense, users are able to launch apps with one of two gestures, either a short squeeze or a long one. Out of the box, the short squeeze launches the camera application, while the long squeeze isn’t set to anything — though Edge Sense is completely customizable.

Edge Sense will work with any app on your phone, therefore the U11 short squeeze can be used to launch the calculator app while the long squeeze can enable your flashlight.

HTC U11’s newest feature allows users to customize exactly how hard they want to squeeze. Edge Sense also uses the U11’s proximity sensors to ensure false presses don’t accidentally occur while the device is in your pocket.

During the company’s Brilliant U event, HTC demonstrated how Edge Sense works with certain functionalities. Squeeze to launch the camera, then squeeze again to switch from selfie camera to rear-facing camera and then squeeze once more to take a picture.

HTC also revealed that the new squeezable feature also works with the device’s voice-activated assistants. Though, since the assistants are voice-activated, it’s unclear why you would want to squeeze your phone to activate them.

Edge Sense is the newest functionality to come to HTC and allows for some much with just a little squeeze.

Image credit: HTC