Say goodbye to Android’s blob emoji

Android O Emoji

It’s the end of the era.

Google will retire its infamous blob emoji, with the operating system since the launch of Android 4.4, once Android O launches later this year. Replacing the gumdrop shape is a more generic circular base, examples of which you can see throughout this article.

For whatever reason, Google decided not to mention this earth-shaking change during its opening keynote earlier today. The company also announced that O will support the new emoji added with the Unicode Consortium’s Emoji 5.0 revision.

Android O emoji

If you want learn more about the redesign, Fast Company published an extensive feature on the redesign that includes an interview with Rachel Been, the creative director at Google who led the project. Been reveals that the entire process took 18 months.

It should be noted the new emoji are in beta, and the designs may change slightly before the final release. The new emoji are set to arrive with Android O in the second half of the year.