Here’s how to download Google Assistant for the iPhone in Canada

Google Assistant

While Google surprisingly announced that Google Assistant is now available for iPhone at its I/O press conference, unfortunately the voice-activated assistant it currently only officially available in the United States.

Thankfully for us Canadians, however, there is a relatively easy way to get Google Assistant running on your iPhone.

Step 1: Create a U.S. iTunes account

App Store

First, you need to create a U.S. iTunes Account without a credit card linked to it via the App Store’s desktop app. While this may sound complicated, the process is actually relatively simple. Open up the App Store and sign out of your Canadian account. Next, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the tiny American flag.

When the prompt appears, select “Create New Apple ID.” Next, when you’re asked to provide a payment method, select “None” and fill in the rest of the information with a U.S. address.

Step 2: Sign into the U.S. App Store

Google Assistant screenshot

Now that you’ve created a U.S. App Store account, sign out of the Canadian App Store on your iPhone by selecting the ‘Featured’ tab and then scroll to the bottom of the page.

After you’ve signed out, sign in with your new U.S. App Store account.

Step 3: Download Google Assistant!

Google Assistant Screenshot 2

For this final step, navigate to the App Store and download Google Assistant at this link (or search for ‘The Google Assistant’). When the next update to Google Assistant is released you’ll need to be sign into your U.S. App Store account to download it.

Otherwise, however, you can switch back to your Canadian App Store account as soon as you’ve downloaded Google Assistant.