Instagram rolls out new ‘Archiving’ feature that isn’t ‘borrowed’ from Snapchat


Instagram has released yet another new feature.

No, it isn’t another feature that originated on Snapchat and that Instagram is now blatantly ‘borrowing.’ This new functionality is called ‘Archiving.’

Here’s how it works: let’s say you went to a party, took a few Instagram photos that were less than stellar and posted them to the social network, only to find out the next morning that those images truly don’t need to be seen by the public.

Conversely, let’s say you took a few photos that didn’t fit with the Instagram lifestyle you’ve portrayed. Before now, your only option was to delete the photo from Instagram and let it live in your personal camera roll.

Now, however, Instagram has rolled out a new feature designed to allow users to forgo deleting their photos and instead ‘archive’ them.
image of instagram on a phoneIf you’re not entirely sure why you would archive a photo vs. delete it, this feature could be used if you want to keep the photo alive and keep it save it among other photos you also weren’t fond of.

Archiving is rolling out to Instagram today on iOS and Android. In other news, Instagram added another feature allowing users to search for stories by location or hashtag.

Source: TechCrunch