Thompson Hill Publishing pleads guilty to deceptive telemarketing, fined $180,000

Quebec Court front

Montreal-based telemarketing company Thompson Hill Publishing has pleaded guilty and will pay fines totalling $180,000 CAD for making false or misleading representations and engaging in deceptive telemarketing.

The Court of Quebec has also prohibited the company and two of its managers, Marc Lefebvre and Karl Garon, from engaging in or associating with telemarketing activities for five years.

An investigation conducted by The Competition Bureau revealed that Thompson Hill’s crime involved sales of online and hard-copy directory listings to thousands of business across the United States, under false or misleading techniques.

Telemarketers in call centres based in India and Egypt were employed in the scheme.

Victims received calls thinking they needed to renew existing listings in a business directory when, in reality, the call was placed to sell a new listing.

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons 

Source: Government of Canada