Acanac launches ‘Ultra High Speed’ internet service in Quebec and Ontario

Acanac, a service provider owned by Distributel that offers residential high speed internet and home phone services in Canada, has now launched new high speed internet plans in Ontario and Quebec.

The plans include unlimited downloads and have download speeds ranging from 75Mbps for $59 CAD to 250Mbps for $89, paired with upload speeds of up to to 20Mbps.

“We’re seeing strong a desire for higher and higher speeds to satisfy the needs of our customers,” said head of Acanac Paul Hwang in a press statement.

‘”This is especially true for customers with multiple devices or those who make use of a variety of multimedia services. We’re committing to meet these growing needs at competitive prices.”

The operator was established in 2004 and was purchased by Distributel in 2011, which also owns subsidiaries Zazeen, Thinktel and Yak, and was founded in 1998.

Acanac is an internet reseller with service that runs on Rogers’ network infrastructure.

Source: PRLog

Image credit: Martinelle via Pixabay