Snapchat replaces Snapcode profile pictures with Bitmoji avatars

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Snapchat is making its users replace their Snapcode pictures with their Bitmoji avatars. Previously, an actual picture was able to be used inside the ghost-shaped frame.

The change comes along with the the latest update to Snapchat, version The mood of the Bitmoji can be changed as well by tapping “Edit Bitmoji.”

The Verge notes that users who haven’t yet created Bitmoji seem to have been unaffected by this change and are instead able to continue using their old profile pictures. However, those who do not have a profile picture are prompted to create a Bitmoji.

It’s worth noting that the push for greater Bitmoji integration makes sense from a business perspective. Snapchat actually owns Bitstrips, the Toronto-based company that makes Bitmoji, following a $100 million acquisition that was finalized last year.

In other Snapchat news, the social media platform recently added more customization options for Stories.

Via: The Verge