Koodo is shutting down its self-serve iOS and Android app on June 30

Koodo Mobile

Koodo has sent an email out to subscribers announcing that the carrier plans to shut down its dedicated self-serve iPhone and Android app on June 30th.

The email reads as follows:
“We wanted to let you know that we’re closing down our app on June 30 as it reached the end of its lifespan. Customers have increasingly showed us their preference for our mobile site to manage their account, and less and less are using our Self Serve app.

Our mobile-friendly site has more functions that can be easily accessed from your phone. Follow the instructions below to quickly bookmark our Self Serve site on your phone to continue to easily access tracking of your usage and more.”

Koodo has not revealed a reason why it’s shutting down the app, only mentioning that “less and less” subscribers are using the app.

The carrier suggests that users add ‘koodomobile/‘ to the home page of their phone as a replacement.