Nest unveils its new Nest Cam IQ security camera

Nest has unveiled its new ‘Nest Cam IQ indoor security camera.’

Although Nest offers other indoor security cameras, the company says that this one is its smartest yet, which why it decided to go with the “IQ” branding. The new camera can differentiate between objects and people and it will also zoom in if it detects a person so that homeowners can get a better look at whoever is their house.

The Nest Cam IQ includes Nest Aware technology that allows it to detect familiar faces versus the faces of strangers. However, in order to get these alerts, users need to have a Nest Aware subscription.

The Nest IQ camera also comes with a speaker and microphone so it can listen-in if a dog is barking or if someone is intruding, while the speaker can be used to communicate with strangers.

Spec-wise, the IQ features 4K HDR sensor. The camera will still only capture video at 1080p, but the extra resolution allows users to zoom in without any image quality loss. The Nest IQ also has a three-microphone array, its speaker is seven times more powerful than the Nest indoor cam and it includes a six-core Qualcomm processor.

The security camera also comes with to infrared LEDs that allow it to see record video in the dark, therefore users will always be able to see when people are intruding no matter the time of day or night. The IQ features Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) meaning it consumes less energy and can connect with any Bluetooth device 4.0 or higher. Furthermore the wireless camera, has a USB-C charging port whenever it does run out of energy.

The camera isn’t on sale, as of yet, those interested can pre-order the IQ for $399.99 CAD and the website says it will ship in four to five weeks.