Google Sheets now uses machine learning to build graphs for you

An image showing the camera, Gmail, and Chrome apps

Google’s work on machine learning has optimized web search, made it easier to browse a smartphone, and will even make it possible to take photos to learn more about the world.

Now, Google’s using machine learning to make creating spreadsheets a little bit easier too.

Users can use the ‘Explore in Sheets’ feature to ask the program to compile and analyze data “in words, not formulas.”

A gif showcasing the Explore in Sheets feature

“Instead of manually building charts, ask Explore to do it by typing in ‘histogram of 2017 customer ratings’ or ‘bar chart for ice cream sales,’” reads an excerpt from a Google Sheets media release. “Less time spent building charts means more time acting on new insights.”

Google is also making it easier to automatically sync data across multiple sources.

An image showcasing the Update feature in Google Sheets

Simply copy-and-paste data from Sheets to the other Google Drive apps — like Docs and Slides — and tap the ‘Update’ button.

Source: Google