Patent for Andy Rubin’s Essential Smart Glasses discovered

Andy Rubin headshot

Andy Rubin, the co-founder of Google’s Android platform, is reportedly working on a pair of smart glasses.

Patently Apple found a patent for Essential Smart Glasses that appear to look very closely to an average pair glasses — think more Snap Spectacles than Google Glass.

Essential smart glasses patent

According to the patent, Essential Smart Glasses would feature a pair of inner facing cameras that are capable of tracking the eye movements of the user; figures (530/540) shows the placement of these inner cameras. The glasses also feature one outward-facing camera designed to look at the environment around the wearer (this is depicted by figure (550).

The device also features “dual-mode” for alternate reality (AR) purposes.

“Based on the environment that the user sees, and based on the direction of the user’s gaze, the processor can display an image to augment the environment around the user,” reads the patent. “For example, if the user is looking at a barcode of an item, the processor can display cheaper purchasing options of the same item.”

The Essential Smart Glasses would also be compatible with photosensitive lenses, sunglasses lenses and prescription lenses, according to Patently Apple.

Patents should be taken lightly due to them not always becoming consumer products. Andy Rubin’s company Essential unveiled the Essential smartphone and the Essential Home voice-activated assistant earlier this week.

Source: Patently Apple