Canada Post and PayPal announce e-commerce partnership to aid Canadian small business owners

Canada Post and PayPal have announced a new partnership, in an attempt to lessen the burden borne by small business owners.

The partnership is an extension of Canada Post’s Solutions for Small Business program, which provides small business owners with a collection of perks aimed at optimizing shipping, marketing and e-commerce.

The new solution is a Canada Post payment and shipping solution integrated directly into a business owner’s PayPal account.

Using PayPal to make shipments easier

After signing up for the platform, business owners are able to track shipment orders, print off shipping labels and pay for shipping right through PayPal. 

The goal, according to PayPal Canada president Paul Parisi, is to optimize the time that business owners spend shipping packages using physical Canada Post locations, by minimizing the time that business owners spend dropping off and picking up packages.

“[Shipping] is way more complicated and complex than most people realize,” said Parisi. “You’re running a small business, and one of the most important things to you is how do you get your product to your customer in a timely fashion, an efficient fashion, [without] costing you more than the product itself.”

“[Shipping] is way more complicated and complex than most people realize.”

Once a shipping label is created, the new platform can even automatically generate tracking information for both business owners and their customers.

The process is supposed to save both time and money.

“Typically, time is the most valuable commodity that [business owners] rank that they invest back into their companies,” said Lise Cote, general manager of consumer and small business marketing at Canada.

Launch and availability

Business owners can even coordinate parcel pick-up through Canada Post.

“Making it easier for [business owners] to manage their shipping, making it far more efficient and less costly to manage their shipping is the whole premise behind the partnership,” said Parisi.

Signing up for the platform also provides business owners with access to the full suite of Canada Post small business solutions, including the discounted rates afforded to businesses that consistently use Canada Post for package shipments.

The platform is free for all Canada Post small business solutions subscribers, and business owners can sign up today.

Canada Post and PayPal will be emailing all of their existing customers with a link to sign up for the new service.

“Both organizations are very invested in helping small businesses grow, and we think this is a great way to help small businesses in the e-commerce space… take advantage of the $27 billion CAD e-commerce industry,” said Cote.