Latest rumours reveal the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 might be unveiled in August

Rear of Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Samsung might be revealing the Galaxy Note 8 in August in order to beat Apple’s next iPhone to market, according to rumours reported on by The Korea Herald.

A strategic reveal ahead of its main competitor might help to boost sales, but with an earlier reveal date comes the worry that Samsung might be rushing its product. With the last Note 7 turning into an explosion-prone disaster, Samsung might not want to expedite the production of its Note 8.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8, codenamed ‘Great’ is rumoured to feature a 6.3-inch bezel-less display with dual rear-facing cameras. If these rumours are true, the device will have a display the same size as the Samsung Mega — though if Samsung brings its ‘Infinite Display’ to the next Note, the device should feel a lot smaller.

Source: The Korea Herald