Search suggestion-like filters rolling out to all Google Play Store users

Google Play Store

Google Play search ‘suggestions’ are rolling out to more Android users. While not a new feature, as certain users have had access to the functionality for some time, search suggestions are now rolling out to everyone.

Search suggestions appear in green rectangles whenever a user conducts a search on the Google Play Store. These suggestions work like filters for the users of Google’s app marketplace.

Google Play search suggestions

For example, if the user types “keyboard,” the green rectangles will show filters for “emoji,” “themes” and “piano.” These filters won’t change your search results but will help to narrow your search down so that the Play Store can find better options.

Like with all of Google’s server-side updates, it will take some time to see this feature. My Nexus 6P got it earlier than my HTC 10, though by the time I was putting the finishing touches on this article, both devices had the feature.

Source: Android Police