June security patch fixes Pixel bug that causes freezing

Google Pixel

Google’s most recent monthly security patch update for Nexus and Pixel devices not only boosts security, but also includes a fix for a bug that causes freezing in many Pixel devices.

Within the Pixel User Community posts, a Pixel Community Manager confirms the update should fix the bug.

“There is a fix included in the June security update that should address many of the freezing issues that have been reported,” writes the representative.

“The update is starting to roll out via OTA today and will continue to roll out over the coming weeks. Freezing and general device performance issues can be caused my many different things, so please continue to update this post with your individual experiences after accepting the June security OTA.”

Certain users have been experiencing the bug from November of last year, according to the Pixel User Community, though many users haven’t encountered the issue.

The update is being patched over-the-air and will roll out to Pixel devices within the next couple weeks, however, if users don’t want to wait they can sideload the update immediately.

Source: Pixel User Community Via: Android Police