South Korean Samsung employee arrested for stealing 8,474 smartphones

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A disabled Samsung employee has been arrested for stealing 8,474 smartphones, according to a report from The Investor.

The man, whose surname is “Lee,” had reportedly been stealing the devices from Samsung’s production headquarters in Suwon, South Korea, between the period of December 2014 and November 2016.

All Samsung employees are required to go through a body scanner before leaving the office, but Lee was exempted from any security checks due to being in a wheelchair.

Police say he sold the phones to a second-hand phone dealer for 800 million won (approximately $960,000 CAD), which was used towards paying off a gambling debt estimated at 900 million won (nearly $1.1 million CAD).

Lee started working for the Korean tech giant in 2010 when hiring was underway for people with disabilities. He worked on the maintenance of old phones that developers use for testing new upgrades.

Samsung discovered the theft back in December, when not-for-sale phones were discovered in Vietnam.

Source: The Investor Via: Android Authority