A double tap on your AirPods might be all you need to skip songs with iOS 11

Airpods in case

Apple may give its users the ability to double tap on their AirPods to skip songs in iOS 11.

AirPod users currently have to double tap on their AirPods to activate Siri, then tell the personal assistant to skip the songs, which isn’t the best in public or quiet spaces. With iOS 11 it could be possible to double tap to skip songs or go back to a previous song. Users can assign this feature to whichever AirPod they want from the Bluetooth options within their iPhone.

This information comes from the YouTube channel Appsolutely Tech, which tested and publicized the iOS 11 developer preview feature. The video also shows that users can Play/Pause or activate Siri with a double tap of either AirPod.

Source: Appsolutely Tech, Via: The Verge