tvOS 11 to allow for automatic pairing between AirPods and Apple TV


Apple’s upcoming tvOS 11 is set to allow for automatic pairing between AirPods and Apple TVs.

With the first tvOS 11 developer beta, a new speaker option will automatically appear on Apple TVs with iCloud accounts connected to AirPods, according to 9to5Mac. Previously, the earbuds would only automatically pair with iPads, Macs and Apple Watches associated with the same iCloud account. As a result, users will be able to play music or video on AirPods, without the need for TV speakers.

However, tvOS 11 will still only support one iCloud account at a time, meaning shared Apple TVs will still need to be manually paired.

In other news, AirPod users might be able to double tap the earbuds to skip songs in iOS 11.

Source: 9to5Mac Via: The Verge