YouTube video shows BlackBerry KEYone’s display easily pops out due to lack of adhesive

BlackBerry KEYone in hand

YouTube producer JerryRigEverything has revealed that the BlackBerry KEYone has a fragile screen that easily pops out due to the device lacking adhesive that usually keeps Android phone displays in place.

At first, it appeared the KEYone was doing quite well under a series of endurance tests. During the scratch test, the phone’s display scored about the same as the iPhone 7 and Galaxy S8.

The smartphone’s keypad, which can be used like a trackpad, scratched quite easily, but continued to function after it was scratched. The rear of the device also scratched, though it was “surprisingly resilient,” according to the YouTube creator.

The frame, fingerprint sensor, and flash module were similarly easily damaged, though the fingerprint sensor continued to work. The KEYone survived being on fire for 16 seconds, and easily recovered when the lighter was removed from the display.

The device buckled, however, under only a small amount of force during the bend test.

The bottom of the KEYone’s display came off with the first bend. While the second bend from the rear stopped the screen from turning back on. Additionally, the power button was damaged after the first two bends, making it impossible to use. After a couple more bends the screen was easily removed, revealing there was no glue keeping the device together.

The adhesive found on many smartphones usually keep the screen from easily bending like the KEYone. Reports on the CrackBerry forums reveal the YouTube creator isn’t alone in discovering the adhesive issue, which may be common across all KEYones, or just a manufacturing flaw specific to a certain batch.

There’s also the potential that the lack of adhesive was a choice made by BlackBerry and manufacturing partner TCL in order to allow for easy screen replacements.

Source: JerryRigEverything Via: 9to5Google