Microsoft is allegedly trying to program Cortana to be more like Google Assistant

A photo showing the use of the Cortana personal assistant

It seems like every company is working on its own virtual assistant these days, and now Microsoft is looking to shake up its own offering.

Microsoft’s Cortana has been around for a little over three years, and the app’s able to respond to contextual cues to set alarms, coordinate calendar appointments, answer phone calls and, of course, answer questions through Bing.

Now, according to Windows Central, “Microsoft is working on a brand new UI for Cortana that will introduce a similar conversational UI that’s found in Google’s Assistant app on Android.”

Unlike with Cortana, it’s possible to have a completely text-based conversation with Google Assistant. If you text at Google Assistant for help, it will respond with a text-based response, instead of a verbal one.

Now, it seems that Microsoft is interested in bringing a similar interface to Cortana — and to Windows 10 users.

Windows Central didn’t report a potential arrival date for the next conversational UI feature.

Cortana is available on all Windows 10 devices, and is available free on both Android and iOS.

Source: Windows Central