Windows 10 Insider Preview shows off a lot changes for the Microsoft OS

windows 10 microsoft build

With the latest Windows Preview Build 16215, Microsoft is giving Windows Insiders a sneak peak at what’s coming to Windows 10 later this year with the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update debuted at Build 2017.

The preview is available for testers in the ‘fast ring’ and includes updates to the Action Center, Cortana, the Microsoft Edge browser, as well as improved stylus and handwriting support and improved HDR support.

Action Center update for Windows 10

Microsoft’s Action Center has a new look: notifications are clearly separated and displayed based on a hierarchy. Furthermore, the company has redesigned the notification centre to make use of its Fluent Design design language as well as the company’s new acrylic texture.

The company has also updated its Edge browser to allow users to pin their favourite websites to the taskbar. Each pin uses the website’s icon, allowing users to easily identify the pin.

A complete full-screen mode has also been added and can be toggled with the F11 key. The new version of Windows 10 additionally provides Edge users with annotation for EPUB Books, an enhanced note taking feature and animation updates.

Cortana Lasso update for Windows 10

Microsoft improved Cortana in several ways, too.

After taking a picture of an event poster or bookmarking an event on a website, the AI will ask if you’d like a reminder based off the information saved. Additionally, the voice-enabled assistant has a ‘Cortana Lasso’ feature that allows pen users to circle event information and the AI will recognize the time and ask follow up questions to create a reminder.

The handwriting system on Windows 10 has been revamped to include a new handwriting panel and ink gestures. When the user lifts their pen off the screen while in the handwriting panel in the new preview build, the text will shift — making more room to write. Furthermore, the previous handwritten word will change into typed text within the panel.

Handwriting update for Windows 10

Ink gestures can also make corrections now. One of the gestures, for example, includes putting a line through words like ‘whatever’ so that it makes two words ‘what’ and ‘ever’. Microsoft has added pen enhancements to the OS, including a ‘Find My Pen’ feature that will tell the user the last place the pen was used.

The preview included several other updates as well, such as: ‘Enhanced Text Prediction,’ one-handed touch keyboard, a gesture typing-like feature available for the one-handed touch keyboard and a new emoji panel that can be accessed with a shortcut.

For a more in-depth look, check out the full Windows blog on the new preview build in the source link below.

Source: Windows Experience Blog