Bell used a drone to make its LTE network incredibly fast at Toronto’s BMO Field

BMO Field seating

Bell has started to use drones to test the capabilities of its LTE network within large venues like BMO Field in Toronto.

The company claims it’s the first wireless carrier in Canada to use unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) for this purpose.

Traditionally, testing a venue like BMO involves walking on foot and using simple techniques like speed tests. By mounting a variety of testing equipment on a UAV, Bell’s team of on-site wireless engineers were able to optimize the network in real-time from a remote location.

According to Bell, the whole process took mere hours instead of a couple of days.

Watch the video of the drone in action below.

When the company’s wireless network at BMO Field goes live later this year, it will feature 111 antennas and 10km of cable.

Bell says the network will offer peak theoretical speeds of 750 Mbps thanks to its use of four carrier aggregation, a networking technology that allows the carrier to increase speed and service by bonding together multiple blocks of wireless spectrum.