Hero6 gonna be ‘bitchin,’ says GoPro CEO

Go Pro booth and signage

Between Karma drones falling out of the sky and the company’s stock shedding 35 percent of its value in the past year, GoPro has not had a great past 12 months, but that’s done little to dent CEO Nick Woodman’s optimism for the future of his company.

In a roundtable interview with press at the GoPro Mountain Games, Woodman said the company’s next action camera, the Hero6, will “be bitchin.”

“You all are gonna flip,” he added, according to Mashable’s Raymond Wong. “You’re gonna love it.”

To his credit, Woodman backed up his enthusiasm by talking about actual features. He said the Hero6 will deliver better colours than the Hero5.

“We’re doing a better and better job of getting you better and better color in the camera itself so that’s something we improve on all the time,” said Woodman. “Hero6 definitely makes some significant advances in that area. So look forward to that.”

Theoretically speaking, if consumer electronics were rated on a scale between “not bitchin” and “bitchin,” what features would put the Hero6 toward the latter end of that scale for you? Tell us in the comment section.