Quebec Alcohol Corporation launches update to SAQ mobile app

An image showcasing the SAQ app's icon on Android

The Quebec Alcohol Corporation (SAQ) is launching a massive update to its iOS and Android app.

In addition to an updated user interface, the SAQ app features a bevy of smaller changes — like a ‘New Arrivals’ section — designed to provide users with more information, more fluidly.

The app was developed in collaboration with Mirego, a Quebec-based development studio with offices in Montreal, Toronto and Palo Alto, California.

“The new version of the application offers a large number of optimizations that will facilitate the customer experience for clients using the app on-site or from their homes,” said Albert Dang-Vu, the president of Mirego.

An image highlighting the SAQ mobile app's main screen

The updated SAQ app connects users with nearby liquor stores, to provide information on what’s available in-stock and what’s available for delivery.

Users can also reserve bottles of their favourite wines, liquors, and spirits, pay through the app, and quickly pick-up their orders.

The SAQ app is free on both Android and iOS.

Source: Business Wire