Ubisoft Toronto reveals StarLink: Battle for Atlas

Ubisoft has revealed StarLink: Battle for Atlas, a new sci-fi property from Ubisoft Toronto that allows players to visit new planets and fight against an alien race that consumes everything in its path, known as ‘The Legion,’ in order to save their star system, ‘Atlas.’

StarLink’s most unique feature is how it involves accessory spaceships that connect to the player’s controller. A physical ship clips onto your controller and uses ‘Smart Building Technology’ to interchange weapons in real-time to better fight against Legion enemies.

It appears there is an assortment of weapons users can choose from such as ‘Ice’ and ‘Fire’ weapons to optimize the impact against different enemies.

StarLink: Battle for Atlas is set to be available fall of 2018 and available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo Switch — which means the game and the spaceship attachment will also be portable.