PlayLink is a new app that turns your smartphone into a controller for PS4 party games

Sony’s PlayStation is introducing a new feature called PlayLink.

PlayLink allows people to play games using their smartphone or their tablet as the controller for their PlayStation 4 console. As long as the players have a phone or tablet per each person, a PS4 and a television, they can play PlayLink titles.

PlayLink works like Jackbox Party games, which allow players to make choices by inputting information through a portable device.

Users can go solo with PlayLink titles, but the games, which vary from crime thrillers to quizzes, are more targeted towards groups.

One of the games PlayLink is launching is That’s You! — a comedy quiz title that can be played with five friends that involves taking photos, snapping selfies, drawing doodles and answering questions about the friends you’re playing with. The full version of That’s You! will be available free for PlayStation Plus subscribers on July 4th.

PlayStation also offers a narrative-driven game called Hidden Agenda, which is playable through PlayLink. The game allows players to go through moral dilemmas and make choices that can lead to life or death circumstances; every character in Hidden Agenda can be saved or end up dead. Hidden Agenda is developed by Supermassive Games, the developers of Until Dawn, and clearly reflects that influence.

Three more titles for PlayLink will be available later this year. The game seen in the PlayStation tweet and the header image is the arcade-style game, Frantics. These titles can be played with either an iOS or an Android smartphone and the free PlayLink app will launch sometime before or the day of when That’s You! is available.

Source: PlayStation