Apple publicly files for ‘HomePod’ trademark in Canada


Though Apple first made a secret trademark filing for its upcoming IoT high-end speaker, the HomePod, back in May in Liechtenstein, a country that sits between Austria and Switzerland, the company has now made its first public filing for the speaker in Canada.

The trademark filing, which was made on June 5th following the tech giant’s WWDC keynote in San Jose, California, covers products like “audio speakers,” “audio amplifiers” and receivers, including “controlling and monitoring consumer electronics devices, lighting, appliances, thermostats, heating and air conditioning systems, alarm and home security and surveillance systems, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.”

The full filing, originally uncovered by PatentlyApple, can be found below:

“Audio speakers; audio amplifiers and receivers; music digital audio players and recorders; sound recording and reproducing apparatus; microphones; voice recording apparatuses, namely, digital voice recorders; voice recording and recognition apparatuses, namely, microphones for receiving voice data; radios, radio transmitters, and radio receivers; wireless communication devices for voice or data transmission; digital audio and digital video players and recorders; wireless communication devices for the transmission of voice, data, images, audio, video, and multimedia content; computer hardware for playing, organizing, downloading, transmitting, manipulating and reviewing audio files and media files; electronic devices capable of providing access to the Internet and for the sending, receiving, and storing of telephone calls, electronic mail, and other digital data; voice-controlled smart audio speakers with virtual personal assistant capabilities; personal digital assistant; electronic voice command and recognition and remote control apparatus and devices for controlling and monitoring consumer electronics devices, lighting, appliances, thermostats, heating and air conditioning systems, alarm and home security and surveillance systems, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, door and window locks and latches, and home automation systems; network communication apparatus; remote controls; accessories for smart audio speakers.”

Apple’s A8-powered HomePod is coming “later this year” to the U.S., U.K. and Australia, with a launch in other regions, presumably including Canada, at some point in 2018.

The HomePod is currently listed at $349 USD (about $470 CAD), putting its price significantly above the Amazon Echo and Google Home.

Source: Patently Apple

Via: iPhoneinCanada