Pokémon Go temporarily shutters gyms in preparation for more collaborate play update

Pokemon Go

In preparation for Pokémon G’s upcoming one-year anniversary update, developer Niantic is temporarily disabling the game’s gym functionality.

The studio announced the service disruption on the game’s support page, noting, “Heads Up: Gyms will soon be closing temporarily for remodeling. Any Pokémon you’ve assigned to Gyms will be returned to you at that time. Niantic doesn’t give a specific reason for the closure, though its use of the word “remodeling” is notable.

When the studio detailed its one-year anniversary plans for Pokémon Go last week, it told players to expect a temporary gym closure, leading many to believe that a revamp to the game’s gym functionality was imminent.

Moreover, Niantic has been open about its desire to rework the game’s gyms. During an on-stage interview at last month’s TNW Conference in Amsterdam (full interview below), the studio’s Mike Quigley said, “You know, the gym mechanic is something in Pokémon Go which we really, really want to improve, so that’s gonna be the next big area for us.”

He then added, “The capture mechanic is fun, but you’re a lone wolf, you’re going out there on your own. Maybe you’re with friends, but there’s not that, kind of, connected experience. We think there is an opportunity for collaboration in that area, but more to come on that.”

There’s word yet on when the remodeling will be complete. In the meantime, players can take advantage of Pokémon Go’s ongoing Solstice event. For the next few days, fire and ice type are more likely to appear, and players can earn additional bonus experience when they throw a Poké Ball accurately.

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