Latest Android O Google Maps update beta reveals new notification channels

Google Maps

Android O adds a lot of features to supported Android devices, including new notification channels.

Those with the Android O beta on their Nexus or Pixel devices might have noticed that a variety of apps use the notification channel feature, such as Google Maps. Notification channels allow users to sort notifications by priority and select what they want to be specifically notified about.

Google Maps update on Android O beta

With the latest update to Google Maps (version 9.55) on the Android O beta, users can opt to get notifications for ‘parking: time limit almost up’, ‘location sharing,’ ‘traffic nearby,’ ‘ride services’ and more, then decide the importance of these notifications. Notification channels allow users to select if they would like to get urgent notifications, or any notice at all for any of these options on Google Maps. Users can even decide if they would like a nearby traffic alert over top of their device’s ‘Do Not Disturb’ notification setting.

An .apk teardown of the Google Maps update on the Android O beta, also reveals code indicating that Google is working on the ability to download an entire country’s map for offline usage, according to Android Police.

Source: Android Police