Google Home is launching in Canada without multi-user support

Google Home

Despite multi-user support coming to the U.S. version of Google Home a number of months ago, the feature won’t be available in Canada when the device goes on sale on June 26th, at least not yet.

In the U.S., Google Home is capable of identifying the various voice of people you live with, adding support for up to six different individual users on a single device.

This allows the IoT smart home voice-activated assistant to cater its answers to each person, tailoring the data it pulls. It also means that you aren’t hearing someone else’s calendar appointments when you ask for a schedule summary.

Google Home utilizes a neural network to identify individual users, learning how they speak and identifying their voice. It is worth noting, however, that even with this functionality, Google Home still can’t separate an individual users’ personal and work accounts.

Google Canada says multi-user support is set to come to the Canadian version of Google Home eventually, it’s just unclear when.

We’ll have more on Google Home next week when the device hits Canadian store shelves.