We want your CRTC-related questions for a special episode of the SyrupCast


On Friday, former CRTC chairman Jean-Pierre Blais finished his five-year term as head of the CRTC.

To say Blais was prolific is an understatement. During his time as CEO and chairperson of the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission, Blais lead the CRTC’s rework of The Wireless Code of Conduct, effectively ending three-year contracts. More recently, during his final week on the job, the CRTC banned locked devices and unlocking fees. For better and worse, Canada’s telecom ecosystem has changed dramatically during his tenure.

On Friday, The Globe and Mail’s Christine Dobby will join the SyrupCast to look back at Blais’ tenure as head of the CRTC. If you’ve spent absolutely any time reading about Canada’s telecoms, then you’ve read Christine’s work. Most recently, she published an in-depth feature on Guy Laurence’s ouster from Rogers (digital subscription required).

We’ll also take a look forward at the work new interim CRTC chair Judith LaRocque has ahead of her as the Commission means forward to address a number of contentious issues, including the federal government’s request that it reopen the subject of MVNOs.

With such a high caliber guest coming to join us on the SyrupCast, we’ve decided to do things slightly differently. If you’ve listened to the SyrupCast recently, you’ll know that we’ve started a new listener question and answer segment. In honour of Blais, we’ll be taking questions and comments specifically related to his tenure and the CRTC more generally. If there was ever to ask a question or express an opinion about the CRTC, now is the time to do so.

a) Leave your question or comment in the comment section below.
b) Email us at — on that note, please send us any other questions you would like to see the SyrupCast crew tackle to that same email; we’ve had some great questions the past few weeks.
c) If writing isn’t your thing or you would rather be heard on the podcast, you can send your question or comment via voice recording (again via and our sound engineer will add it the podcast.

We look forward to seeing your questions.