Cineplex ends support for native BlackBerry 10 app

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Cineplex will no longer support its BlackBerry 10 native application.

We’ve received word the BlackBerry Cineplex Entertainment application will no longer function or receive updates from a reader who contacted Cineplex customer support after the app ceased functioning on their BlackBerry device.

Cineplex customer support responded by saying:

“Currently the Cineplex Mobile application is supported on any Blackberry devices that are running on the Android system (meaning that you would have downloaded the Cineplex Mobile application through the Google Play store). If you are not running the Android system and can currently download the Cineplex Application through the Blackberry World App store you would be using the original application that was created a year ago. That application that was created a year ago will not be updates [sic] at this time.

If your Blackberry device is running on the Android system and you are having issues with it, please let us know the exact problems you are encountering as well as your phone make and model to confirm it is compatible with our app.”

Our reader isn’t the only person having problems with their app. The device has stopped functioning for many users as the comment section on the Cineplex app on the BlackBerry App World has exploded with enraged consumers about the lack of functionality for the app. The reports started coming in around mid-May, about the same time as the app stopped working for our reader.

We’ve reached out to Cineplex for official word on the app no longer functioning on BlackBerry 10. Cineplex spokesperson, Sarah Van Lange, confirmed that the app will no longer work for BlackBerry users, who are not using the Google Play version of the app. Though BlackBerry owners can still purchase tickets by visiting Cineplex.com through the web browser.

Whether Cineplex suddenly decided to stop support for the application or if Cineplex plans on removing themselves from BlackBerry App World remains unknown.

Cineplex wouldn’t be the only company ending its BlackBerry 10 support. WhatsApp announced that its instant messenger service would not be supported on BB10 or BBOS, though the Facebook-owned company plans on offering support until the end of the year.