This HoloLens Super Mario AR demo puts you inside the game

If you thought Mario wouldn’t work as an augmented reality game, surprisingly, you’re actually wrong.

The unofficial Mario AR demo, created by game developer Abhishek Singh, is a first-person AR game, where players literally have to walk and jump around to avoid virtual pipes, jump on Goombas, hit question mark boxes, and chase mushrooms.

Singh utilized Unity 3D to create the AR stage and recorded the above video to show off the project. According to Abhishek, the most difficult part of the development process was tweaking the game to work in a large outdoor environment since HoloLens is typically designed to work in smaller spaces.

Given Nintendo’s history for killing unauthorized fan-made projects and ports, it’s likely the game won’t be around for much longer.
On the other hand, an official VR experience based on Mario Kart was recently announced for arcades in Japan, although it’s currently unknown if the title will be released overseas.

At E3 2017, I checked out the latest entry in Nintendo’s historic franchise, Super Mario Odyssey, and walked away surprisingly impressed with the game.

Sourcce: Abhishek Singh