A quarter of Canadians stream online radio stations

Increasingly, Canadians are taking to streaming services to get their music fix.

Specifically, 24 percent of Canadians stream AM/FM radio stations online. These numbers come from a new study by Media Technology Monitor, which looks at top media activities and technologies in the country.

The study notes that iHeart Radio is the most used player, with 11 percent of Canadians taking to the platform. Other radio players were accounted for by five percent of Canadians.

The use of streaming services in Canada as a whole has gone up 34 percent year-over-year. Spotify and Apple Music have millions of users each, and Tesla may even be getting in on the action as well.

As for streaming of movies and TV show, the report says that only 41 percent of Canadians are aware of Amazon Prime Video. Furthermore, only four percent of Canadians are subscribed, with two percent actually watching content on the platform. Altogether, seven percent of internet TV-viewing Canadians are watching pirated content online, across all platforms.

Finally, more than a quarter of Canadians (26 percent) who are on social media use Facebook Live, Twitter Live, Instagram Live and Snapchat Stories. What’s more, ‘Gen Z’ people (18-27 years old) make up 54 percent of the overall user base, with 27 percent coming from those over the age of 51.

The study was conducted in Spring 2017 via phone calls to 2,000 Anglophone Canadians and 2,000 Francophone Canadians.

Source: Media Technology Monitor