Cartoon Network’s Attack Light Steven Universe is the perfect SU fanboy game [Game of the Week]

Steven Universe’s Attack Light mobile game, developed by Grumpyface Studio and published by Cartoon Network, is a fun turn-based experience.

Anyone who is a fan of the Steven Universe series needs to play this game, and even if you’re not a fan, you’ll probably still have fun.

The focus of the game is to recapture the army of light soldiers that Steven accidentally unleashed upon the world. In Attack Light, you play as the four ‘Crystal Gems’: Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl and the half human-half gem Steven Universe.

Steven Universe

Throughout the game the player aims to beat each stage by finding a warp pad, which will lead the gems to the following stage.

All through the stages there are light-based enemies for the Crystal Gems to fight against. Enemies take the form of animals or plants you would typically find in that environment. For example, the first level — levels are made up of multiple stages — takes place in ‘Indigo Cave,’ where the light enemies took the form of bats and scorpions. After conquering each level, the player will come face to face with the boss of the area before moving forward.

Attack Light also has RPG-like qualities, while going through the game each character levels up and learns new moves. Leveling up characters will also give them more HP and the opportunity to add a point to their character’s defense, attack and luck stats.

Steven Universe Leveling up

Combat-wise, as mentioned previously, Attack Light is a turn-based game. Your team starts off with five stars and each move uses up a certain amount of stars. Pearl, Garnet and Amethyst are utilized to attack enemies while Steven hangs in the back and uses items to boost characters, heal the other gems or provide additional stars, opening up more actions for your team to make that turn.

Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl have an assortment of attacks and certain amount of health that gets taken down whenever they’re attacked. The gems also have a certain amount of harmony that gets used up after certain attacks and when health is lost. Steven will have to provide the gems with encouragement throughout the battle so that the gems can continue to attack the enemies.

If one of the Crystal Gems dies in battle, they’ll retreat into their gem. In battle the gems can be revived with an item or will come back to life after the battle is completed, though they will not return to full life.

Steven Universe stats

Additionally, the battle system features an interesting mechanic that has players tapping on the screen the moment they get attacked. Successful taps will have your character block the attack, causing less damage to your gems. Furthermore, certain attacks have the player slicing at the screen like Fruit Ninja, aiming a spear or tapping on the screen so a bulls-eye is over the exact location you want it.

Scattered throughout the stages are treasures containing an assortment of items that Steven can use in battle. Some stages require Steven to find a key to unlock a door so that he can and the gems can progress. While Steven and the gems will have to go back to certain stages as the key required will have to be found in a future stage.

Steven's bagpack

Attack Light isn’t the most unique game, but with the variety of puzzles you’ll encounter, attacks you learn and easter eggs linking back to the Cartoon Network series, this app put made my fanboy-self very excited.

Lastly, Attack Light developed by Grumpyface Studio can be found on the Play Store and the App Store for $3.99 CAD. If you can get over the price tag, it’s completely worth buying.