Wear a light show on your eyelids with f.lashes [Sticky or Not]

If you have a feeling that our current global political situation is headed in a very ‘Hunger Games’-like direction, why not get a head start on your best ‘Capitol’ look (e.g. Effie Trinket) and try out these over the top light-up lashes?

Titled ‘f.lashes,’ these lightweight LED strips apply just above the lash line and activate depending on user body or head movement. The lashes have thin wires that attach to a controller placed on the back of the head, powered by  a replaceable coin battery similar to what you might find in a watch.

The LED part itself needs to be attached by regular lash adhesive.

Colour options for the lightweight beauty accessories include bright white, light pink and bright blue, and there are five different flash effects from ‘Hyper Burst’ to ‘Endless Winks.’

Currently, the fledgling company behind the company, Tavey Designs, is selling a single set of f.lashes for $60 CAD on Kickstarter, and has already far surpassed its original goal.

Verdict: Sticky for beauty lovers

I should preface my thoughts by saying that every attempt I’ve made to apply false eyelashes in the past has ended in a fit of angry destruction, so I can only imagine that figuring out how to stick this thing to both the back of my head and my eyelids would result in a more costly repetition of that same tradition — but there are many people in this world with better tempers and hand-eye coordination who I am sure would love f.lashes.

The LED lashes are unique, extremely attention grabbing and have a sort of campy futurism to them that I love. The gadget is also reasonably priced, considering how much beauty supplies typically cost, while its replaceable battery should allow it to last a long time.

led flashes

My only other major concern was the safety of having electronics on one’s sweaty face and the comfort of wearing something that flashes bright lights above your eyes. While it’s impossible to be entirely confident on the matter, Tavey Designs does note that the f.lashes are “weather resistant” and do not interfere with vision.

“Similar to wearing a head-mounted lamp, the light emitted points outward,” states the Kickstarter copy. “You will barely notice the light.”

Again, it’s hard to tell whether that’s accurate to real-world experience but, hey, maybe ravers will be drawn to the trippy strobe effect regardless.

That’s my verdict — but what about yours?

For the first time yet in Sticky or Not history, I’m asking readers to vote on whether this gadget is sticky or not for themselves. Weigh in below.

Note: This post is part of an ongoing series titled Sticky or Not in which Senior Reporter Rose Behar analyzes new and often bizarre gadgets, rating them sticky (good) or not (bad).